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Monday, June 23, 2008


So I have to admit something that's been bothering me a bit. It really shouldn't, but it does. Some of you may remember that I was in a support group while we were trying to get pregnant. Most of the women in my group ending up getting pregnant or adopting.

Well, most of the their kids' birthdays were before mine. There's just one set of twins that were born after Ben & Ella. I sent birthday cards to each and every one of their kids because I wanted to celebrate their birthdays with them. I thought that my support group would want to celebrate Ben & Ella's birthday along with me too, but Ben & Ella didn't get a card or even an e-mail wishing them happy birthday.

Should this bother me? Probably not. I know we're all busy, but I did make it a point to send them birthday cards though I'm busy too (though a couple times a little late, but not by much). I have no idea if my support group friends read this blog or not - they've never said if they did or not though I did give them the link.

I guess it just makes me feel sad because I don't get to see these ladies all that often (though the reason we got together in the first place was for a sad reason - infertility) and we don't talk much anymore, and I thought this would be the one way we would reach out to each other again.

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