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Monday, June 09, 2008

Cute & Not So Cute Stories & More

Cute stories:

So after nearly two weeks of not taking any more steps, Ella took some steps on Thursday night and many over the weekend. Sometimes, the steps were without me prompting her to do so. She is so excited to be walking and I know she loves hearing us say “Yay Ella!” while clapping our hands. Benjamin sometimes joins in on the clapping.

Benjamin just all of sudden started waving when it was time to say hi or bye to someone. I noticed him do it for the first time when we were visiting Jon’s work on Friday. So cute!

Last night, while giving Ella a bath, she became really fascinated by her belly button. She would grab her belly and look down and just laugh. She is also fascinated by the fact that mommy has a belly button too.

Not so cute stories:

So on Friday, I get a call from the daycare saying that they think something is wrong with Benjamin’s eye. He won’t open his left eye and he is being extra fussy. Jon thinks that maybe Ella might have scratched it when she was trying to get Benjamin’s bottle or get him to play. They said they’d watch him and let me know if it seems to get worse. Well, they called me back about an hour later and said that they really think he should be seen by a doctor. So since Jon couldn’t leave work, I made arrangements to get to my car (I’m still in a vanpool) and got Benjamin and off we went to the ped’s office. They didn’t find anything wrong with his eye – no scratches or anything. He does rub his eye every so often and appears upset by it, but his eye isn’t red. A coworker suggested it could be an eyelash since he has long eyelashes – I’ll have to see if there is one sticking into his eye that might be bothering him.

Benjamin was standing by one of our dining table chairs and drumming on that when Ella wanted to join in on the fun, so she pulled herself and started to move the chair like it was a walker (they’ve been doing that with a lot of things – chairs, high chairs, boxes, etc). Well, Benjamin wasn’t prepared for that and down he went and hit his head on the hardwood floor. Poor guy! That was the 2nd time in about 3 or so hours that he did that – the first was when he slipped when pulling himself up using the Pepsi box. My poor little guy!

In other topics:

I came across this today and noticed that Ella is becoming quite the popular name in the last few years – it seems to be making the comeback after being popular in the early 1900s. Benjamin seems to always be a popular name. In 2007, Ella was ranked 21, according to the SSA, and Benjamin was ranked 26.

Yesterday, I was by myself for about 6 ½ hours because Jon had to go to work. It is so much easier on my back when there is another person there to help. My back was just killing me taking turns walking one baby around, then the next, then go back to the other, etc. It’s no wonder why my back is so tight. Thankfully for my back, Ella is starting to want to walk on her own.

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