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Friday, May 09, 2008

Pregnancy Talk & Remembering Hospital Bedrest Days

On this day last year, I went into work and worked my half-day. I then went home for a bit before heading off to my ultrasound appointment. Little did I know that when I left my house that day, I wouldn’t see my kitties or my home for a little over 5 weeks. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I started my hospital bedrest. I guess that means my babies will be one year old in just under 5 weeks. Time does really fly.

Yesterday afternoon, I learned that one of the women in my vanpool is pregnant with her first child. I’m really happy for her and her husband although I do have to admit to being just a bit jealous. That pang of jealousy just doesn’t go away, does it? I don't know why I feel so jealous anymore. I have two wonderful babies that I adore more than anything in this world, but yet I can't seem to flip that switch off from infertile. Although the pain isn’t nearly as strong as it once was, thankfully. It reminds me of someone telling you to get over something that hurt you way back when, but sometimes things just stay there and no matter what you do, you can't stop thinking the way you did way back then. It's just hard. I'm sure some of you understand what I'm saying.

However, I do have to say it’s great timing because if she has a girl, I have been looking for someone to give some newborn girl clothes to. I also have some boy stuff too, so if she has a boy, she can get some clothes for me in the bigger sizes. She’ll find out in the next month or so.

Speaking of pregnant people, I suppose everyone in the IF land (and beyond, really) is talking about this family today. 18 KIDS! I know I’ve said it before, but how many full-term pregnancies can one body take? Perhaps we’ll find out with this woman. It seems just like yesterday when I was remarking on her being pregnant with #17 (oh wait, it pretty much was).

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  • At 9:09 AM , Blogger KeDaCoMo said...

    Personally, I feel that sort of jealousy too when I hear someone is pregnant. I don't know what it is? Maybe it is just a natural reaction for women?


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