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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wednesday Adventures

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day. I got a phone call from the daycare yesterday a little after noon telling me that they think Benjamin might have chicken pox because of two bumps that were by his diaper area. I had told them, since he wasn’t awake when I had left yesterday morning, that I knew he had a rash, but that we were taking care of that but I’ll make an appointment for him to see the doctor just to make sure that the bumps were not chicken pox.

Since Jon wasn’t able to go get him, I got myself a taxi (because I’m in the vanpool) (the company pays for so many per year for those in a vanpool) to get to my car. I then go get Benjamin, we go hang out home for a while, then we go off to the doctor’s office. It was naptime at the daycare, so they woke up Benjamin from his nap (which they didn’t need to do since I had an hour before his appointment, but whatever). Ella was napping so she didn’t see Benjamin leave.

So after a while, we head over to the doctor’s office. They had told me to park in the handicap parking spot just outside the building rather than parking in the parking garage below the building and coming up; they had to make sure he didn’t have chicken pox before allowing him into the building. So I called to let them know I was there, and two ladies I had not met before came out. One was a student and the other her teacher. They checked Benjamin out and determined he did not have chicken pox. I was pretty certain it wasn’t because wouldn’t it be in more places than just in the diaper area? So they said we could come in. I asked if it was o.k. to leave my car where it was, and they weren’t sure. And after a while of thinking about what I should do, I said to them that they could take Benjamin to the office and I would go park in the garage and be right up. After I drove for like two seconds, I felt really uneasy for what I just did. Sure, they were from the doctor’s office, but it I hadn’t seen them before until yesterday. I hoped what I did was o.k. I hoped Benjamin was o.k. with strangers. I feel like I made stupid decision #whatever and was just too trusting of people. It turned out Benjamin was o.k., but I still feel uneasy for doing what I did. And it took me longer to get back to him since the parking garage was full and so I had to go back out and park on the side of the building in the State Farm reserved spots. I didn’t care – I had to get back to my baby.

So I get back in, and the two women and the NP that I knew were all looking at Benjamin while Benjamin was looking at them with a “what in the world is going on? Who are you people?” look. I show up and he sees me and starts to fuss – I think he might have been yelling at me for leaving him. Anyway, it turns out he has an infection – much the same that Ella had – so we need to treat it with some cream. Then, I asked them to check out his dry skin patches and he has excema, so they told us to use Cetaphil. They also noticed some excema behind his ear that they wanted me to use some antibiotic on. And they said we should start giving him and Ella some probiotics again – they even said it might help me with my excema.

Thank goodness it isn’t chicken pox. When I was talking with my acupuncturist about this last night, she mentioned that so many kids get the vaccine for chicken pox these days so not many kids get it – she opted not to have her kids get the vaccine. I don’t think that vaccine has been offered to us yet. The daycare said that they usually offer it at the 12 month checkup. I didn’t think to ask the doctor’s office.

When we went to fill the prescriptions given to us, we ran into vanpool girl (who is no longer vanpool girl as she doesn’t work here anymore) so we chatted for a bit. We’ve been meaning to get together but life gets busy with babies to take care of. I was hoping to run into her there since she works there and since it had been a while. She said her son, who is 20 months old, weighs about 24 pounds. Benjamin, at his 9 month checkup, was 23.

Anyway, this is getting too long, so I’ll save other stuff for another post sometime soon.



  • At 6:37 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

    Hehe....ahhh, the chicken pox vaccine. Yes, our doctor gave D his chicken pox vaccine at his 12 month appt. I guess I weighed the facts that if he didn't get the vaccine, and got the pox, and it was a bad case, then I'd always feel bad that he got them, yada we did the vaccine. D is always one to react to his vaccines, ALWAYS. So, I figured he'd get a fever, etc like he normally does. Nope. He actually got the chicken pox. But it was a VERY MILD case, and when I took him back to the doctor (since he obviously couldn't go to the sitter until they were gone) the doctor said "Well, at least he doesn't have to come back for the booster!" Haha...gee thanks. But through all of that, D was just sleepy. He didn't even seem to get fussy, or scratch them. Just got a slight temp along with the spots. And, just because they get the vaccine, doesn't mean that they can't get the pox, just like any other vaccine. Anyways, I didn't mean to scare you if I did, just wanted to give you another view on the subject. :)

    Oh, and I'm glad ben didn't have the pox!


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