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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good News Today

I've heard two pieces of good news today. One from a support group friend that has hopeful news that she will be adopting a baby through a domestic adoption. Things are still being worked out, but I really hope that this adoption works out. She recently tried surrogacy, but there ended up being some issues with that and that same day learned of this potential for adopting a baby.

The other piece of good news is that a coworker has gotten a referral from Taiwan for a 2 month baby boy! I think I've mentioned him before - he and his wife tried fertility treatments, but unfortunately, nothing worked. They then decided that adoption was the right route for them to take. I am just so happy for them.

The latter adoption is a little sad too because the family giving him up for adoption has 3 kids, but they can't afford a fourth. How sad for them to feel like they have no choice but to give up their child (well, it's sad whenever this happens). And I can't help but wonder how the child will feel learning down the road of the circumstances behind his adoption.

I have no doubt that my coworker and his wife will be wonderful parents to this little boy (who is just one little cutie)! They also have a dossier over in China, so maybe soon, they will have two children like they have wanted for so long. Yay! And, of course, my support group friend and her husband will be wonderful parents!

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