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Friday, May 02, 2008

Scary NIght

We had a scary episode last night from Benjamin that I hope is just nothing. While I was feeding him and Ella some dinner, Benjamin starting twitching his head to his right side. He seemed responsive and still with me, but he couldn't stop the twitching for a while. Eventually, it stopped and only happened a few times. I was all ready to take him to the hospital since our doctor's office was closed. I called them first and they said it sounded like it wasn't a seizure, but they weren't quite sure what it could be. They said if it continued (as by this time, it had stopped or was happening only occassionally) more frequently and he started to run a fever, etc to bring him in to the hospital. otherwise, we should take him to the doctor today. Jon is taking him as soon as the doctor's office calls him for an appointment. It really freaked me out. Jon wasn't home when it started. I hope and pray it's nothing, and he was just having some muscle spasms. I'll update as soon as Jon is able to take him to the doctor.

UPDATE: The doctors aren't worried. They basically told Jon the same thing that the nurse did at Children's last night. They think he might have been twitching because his inner ear is a bit irritated. So they said we should give him some ear drops and that should help with that. Thank goodness that it is all it was. We have a history of seizures on my side of the family and on Jon's, so I was a little nervous it could be that.

In other news, my brother-in-law and his wife wrote to tell everyone that their 2 year old son has been officially diagnosed with autism, like his sister. It sounds like they are getting the very best care. In fact, I think my niece is enrolled in a regular kindergarten class, so she's doing well. I hope and pray that is the case for my nephew.



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