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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Weekend 2007

Our Christmas weekend started with going to a friend's party on Friday night. We met another couple there with a 7 month old baby, so we chatted with them for a bit. We didn't end up staying too long as the babies were getting cranky (they were sleepy), but we had a good time. Some lady offered to hold Ella so I could get something to eat - that was really nice of her. I forgot to have some puppy chow though. :-(

Saturday, Jon and I took turns doing some last minute shopping. I am not exactly sure how I made it through the shopping I did as I was in so much pain on my left side - I was nervous I was having another kidney stone because it felt like what it felt like before I when the kidney stone was just starting to bother me (not like it was toward the end when I thought I was dying). It just hurt to move, but I finished my shopping, came home, and when it was time to go to bed, I took some painkiller drugs left over from the c-section and went to bed (thanks Jon!). Thankfully, when I woke up the next morning, the pain was mostly gone. It was there a little bit, but not as bad as the day before. I'm not sure what the issue was.

Sunday came around. We went to a party that a couple from our childbirth class was having. They are from England so they were serving mince pies and mulled wine. I didn't have a chance to try the wine, but the mince pie that I tried (they were little ones) was yummy! I had never had one before! At that party, we met another couple with twins - they had their twins at 6 months of pregnancy. I can't even imagine having them that early. They stayed in the NICU for 3 months. I was nervous about having them 2 1/2 months early when I entered the hospital, but thankfully, they stayed put for 5 weeks! I just cannot imagine having my babies that early nor having them at the hospital for 3 months. We were so lucky the way things turned out for us the way it did - so lucky - we were able to go home with our babies. The couple said that their twins are doing wonderfully now - I believe they said that they are almost 3.

After the party, we headed home and Jon's mom and sister came by shortly after that. I was supposed to have Christmas Eve off, but I ended up having to go into work for 3 hours to make up time (even if I am salaried, but that's a gripe for another time). I came into work later than I normally did though - and that gave me a chance to stop by Cos&tco on my way into work to pick up a few things that we needed (like formula, etc.). I think I forgot to mention that I'm not pumping anymore - I made it to 6 months and 2 days (sort of - there were a couple days there I didn't pump at all b/c I was sick - thankfully, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would as my supply was dwindling anyway, but it did hurt a bit). I'm proud of myself for making it that long.

For Christmas Eve, we had chicken fajitas for dinner and just hung out listening to music, reading books, and playing with our cuties.

Christmas comes around and my sister-in-law made us breakfast (with Jon's assistance), then we just hung out until it was time for dinner and presents. What was great is that we got a white Christmas - it actually snowed pretty good in Seattle though it's all gone today. It was so pretty to watch coming down that when I went to go take a nap I kept waking up to look at the snow (and because I heard my babies - especially Benjamin - talking and playing). Jon's dad showed up while I was napping. We ended up having dinner between 5 and 6, then afterwards, we opened presents, then we had dessert. It turns out the reindeer sleeper that someone gave us as a hand-me-down is too small for Benjamin so no Christmas sleepers for them for the day AND Benjamin's blue Santa hat was too small for his head (I had bought those last spring at a multiples group sale when I was still pregnant). Too bad - I still got some pictures of his cute self with his hat kinda laying upon his head. Ella's pink Santa hat fit her just fine and she looked so incredibly cute in it. I also got some pictures of Ella trying to open her presents only so she could eat the wrapping paper.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our babies and Jon's family though I wonder if Jon's dad had a good time at all. He left late last night, but Jon's mom and sister stayed again tonight so Tanya can make dinner for us tonight and so the babies are at home with them today. They haven't been in day care for a while - I hope that they remember their DCPs! We'll find out tomorrow!

I'll try to upload pics tonight (though I thought I would get around to uploading some this past weekend, and I didn't).

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