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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update on babies

Ella is getting very good with sitting on her own. She still needs some support behind her (we got the idea of using the Boppy (why didn't we think of that?) from the couple at the party), but she's getting better. Ella also likes to pull herself up with the use of your hands to sitting and then to a standing position. When you hold her toward you, she will push away. She wants to be held so she can look out and see the world. Another cute thing that Ella does is that she will flap both of her arms when she's excited - she will even do this in her sleep (we stopped swaddling at 6 months - though the other night we did swaddle her to see if that's why she wouldn't stay in her bed to sleep - that wasn't the reason - we're not sure what's going on with her).

Benjamin isn't so much interested in standing up (except in exercauser) or trying to sit on his own. He just wants to kick and to talk/sing. He's so cute when he gets going with his storytelling/singing. He is so excited about what he's saying. Speaking of Benjamin, I added a pic to flickr that a friend took when we were out shopping - he's so cute with that smile of his. Benjamin is much more enthusiastic eater than Ella. He is better at swallowing the food than Ella is - though she will get some down. Benjamin also started to roll over on a more frequent basis. Neither one of them are rolling from their back to their tummy - though they have gotten to their sides.

Well, that's all I can think of - now to blog about our Christmas weekend!



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