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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sick, Solids, & More!

It's been a while since my last post.

I ended up getting sick on Wednesday missing my department's holiday party :-( 3 years in a row I miss out on bowling. I went to work on Thursday and Friday though I ended up leaving early both days - one of those days via cab as I mistakenly took the vanpool (I thought I was feeling better) (which reminds me - shouldn't cab drivers know how to get places? Especially if they have a navigational tool in their car? This driver kept asking me how to get to Northgate). I was supposed to go shopping this weekend for Christmas presents - yep, that didn't get done - though the only issue with me this weekend was I lost my voice. I went to the doctor this morning just to make sure it isn't something more serious since I haven't had a voice in 3 days, but thankfully, everything is fine. I decided to stay home from work today to help get some rest which meant I missed the company holiday luncheon. I'm always sad when I miss out on free food - thankfully, when I went into work on Friday, I got my free frozen turkey! Yep - that's my Christmas gift each year from the company - a turkey!

Anyway, we started given Benjamin and Ella solids on Thursday. They turned 6 months on Wednesday but because I wasn't feel so great, we started the next day (even though I still wasn't feeling all too great). Benjamin seemed to do really well with it - he got it into his mouth and swallowed. He even seemed like he was looking forward to the next bite since he kept opening his mouth for some. Ella - well, she spit it back out most of the time. I think we may have gotten a few swallows. We've been giving them solids at least once or twice a day this past weekend. We need to give some to the DCP so she can give some to them as well. I forgot to get another box when I was at the store. We are starting them out on rice cereal, but I'm hoping to try some veggies next, then we'll move onto the sweet stuff - the fruits!

They have their 6 month checkup tomorrow - too bad I couldn't stay home again tomorrow so I can go with them, but I have to take Wednesday off since the daycare will be closed (for a holiday that they celebrate) and Jon can't take that day off so he can go to his work holiday lunch - someone should be able to go to their holiday functions! Jon is taking off Thursday and Friday, so the babies will not be in daycare for a week!

I'm so excited to see their official weights and and heights! I hope Jon does well with the two of them while they get their next round of shots! Poor babies!

Oh, something cute that I should write down here so I can remember to write about it in their baby book later (as I'm really behind with that) - they've discovered their feet! Ella desperately wants to put them into her mouth, but she can't quite get them there. Benjamin thinks their fascinating. Both are talking up a storm - at least with us - and Benjamin talks LOUD. It's very cute. They didn't talk so much at the party we went to on Saturday until Benjamin was getting sleepy and needed to let us know he was starting to get cranky.

Well, this post is getting a bit long. Back to resting!

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