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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Doctor Visit & News Stories

The twins went to the doctor on Monday, and they have colds and nothing more. That doesn't mean though that they aren't miserable. The doctor gave us nasal drops to give to the babies, then we need to use the bulb syringe to get out all the snot. I think Ella has gotten used to it. Benjamin has not. This reminds me that the other day, I must have used the bulb syringe a bit too much and Ella had a bit of a bloody nose – not much thankfully. A friend of mine who has kids said that she's done it before with her kids. I have to admit that I did freak out when I saw blood coming out of her nose, so I'm glad my friend was there to reassure me. The doctor also gave us drops to put in Benjamin's ears as he has a bit of fluid in them, but he doesn't have an ear infection. The drops are to prevent one from occurring. Hopefully, they get better soon. My poor little babies!

Some good news for Dennis Quaid's babies - they're at home and are doing o.k. Thank goodness! He's suing the makers of the drug now.

I saw an interesting article about a study that found there is a higher risk of anorexia in boys who have a twin sister. They say it is because the boy is "exposed to female sex hormones in the womb." Aren't boys always exposed to female hormones in the womb - that come from the mother? I guess this study says they are exposed to even more than they already are because they have a female twin.

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  • At 6:44 PM , Blogger Kerry Lynn said...

    I hope they get better soon!

    I don't think I've ever heard of a male getting anorexia! Something to keep in mind.


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