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Monday, December 03, 2007

First December Weekend

Parts of this weekend were good and parts were bad. Benjamin and Ella have colds - poor babies!!! :-(

Since Jon has a lot of sick time and I'm not allowed to take time off until mid-December (and I don't have any sick time to use until Feb.), he stayed at home with the babies and was taking them to the doctor to make sure it isn't more than a cold. I haven't heard from him yet - I hope everything went o.k. Hopefully, it is just a cold and they'll be alright with some humidifier time and some Tylenol. We took the babies into the bathroom while the hot water was running to get it all steamed up in there - that seemed to help them. A couple times over the weekend, Jon brought in Ella (Benjamin was sleeping both times) while I was taking a shower and she apparently thinks it's funny to see me without my glasses and with wet hair as she just kept cracking up each time she saw me peek around the curtains. Such an adorable laugh!

The weather in WA hasn't been the best - we had snow on Saturday and part of Sunday, then the snow melted, and now we have flooding from the melted snow and a lot of rain plus supposedly high winds though that doesn't seem to happening least not yet. The pond by my office is flooded, but it does this every fall/winter. Oh, with it snowing, we quickly took a few pictures of the babies outside in the snow as it was their first snow - they had looks on their faces as if they were trying to figure out what was going on. We were out there for maybe 2 minutes, if that. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. Maybe tonight.

As for the good parts, a few of us went to go see a friend perform at a concert on Saturday night. It was really nice to go to a holiday concert while it was snowing outside - the snow set the mood, I guess. It was a good concert - I'm looking forward to her next concert! On Sunday, I joined a couple friends to do some shopping for Toys for Tots. A friend of ours does this every year - he pools together money, we shop, the Marines come pick up the toys, and we go to his place to enjoy his homemade pizza. I love doing this every year!

Well, that's about it for the happenings of this weekend. Looking forward to this next weekend when we are going to two different parties (one for Jon's work and one with my support group). Hopefully, the babies will feel better by then!

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