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Monday, December 10, 2007

Party Weekend

This weekend was busy, but fun. We went to a party on Friday and on Saturday night thrown by people Jon works with. We ended up getting there late to both parties. We didn't stay too long to either party, especially the one on Saturday. We would have been on time to that one had my haircut appointment not been cancelled at 10 and rescheduled for 5:30. I thought about waiting 'til the next weekend, but I desperately needed a haircut. My last one was when I was in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy (I think). You can't tell I got a haircut - I wanted it shorter than it is, but since I felt I was in a time crunch, I didn't ask for her to cut it any shorter. (One of the guys at the salon looks exactly like my brother Chad in body type and in looks - I almost wondered why Chad didn't tell me he was back in Seattle and working as a hair sylist).

Anywho, it is so funny to see Ella at parties. She'll be sleepy, but she can't possibly fall asleep when there is so much socializing to do. Like my husband said on his blog, she'll perk right up when someone comes up to her and will smile and talk to them. It's really very cute. Benjamin will sleep anywhere. He's a mellow baby.

Yesterday, we went to a party with my support group. All of the babies have gotten so big! One of the babies is walking and another is getting close. Everyone was surprised at how much Benjamin weighs (~20 lbs), but it's true - that son of mine is a big boy! While at the support group party, Benjamin decided to tell everyone, very loudly, his stories. What a great storyteller! :-D Ella later joined in on the fun.

There is a picture of us at the party on my flickr site, as well as a picture of the babies in their holiday outfits they wore on Saturday night. I forgot our camera so I didn't take a picture of them on Friday night. :-(

It was wonderful to see everyone. Hopefully, we'll see each other again soon to share stories and secrets of raising children, especially twins!

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