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Friday, March 23, 2007

23 weeks & 4 days - U/S & OB Appointment

The ultrasound went very well this morning - both babies are bigger than what they should be at 23 weeks & 4 days - our baby girl is weighing at 1 pound 9 ounces and our baby boy is at 1 pound 11 ounces. I can't remember the percentiles, but it was somewhere around 89 and 93 respectively (I'm pretty sure on the last one but not the first one). I guess the marginal cord insertion isn't hurting our baby girl...and hopefully, that continues. Next ultrasound will probably be on the same day as our next OB appointment which is on April 18, I believe. I still need to make the u/s appointment though.

Last time we had an ultrasound, our baby girl was laying head down on the right hand side of my belly while our baby boy was laying transverse with his head on the left hand side of my belly. Well, I guess our baby boy is finding that positions quite comfy because he hasn't moved while our baby girl decided to move into a breech position. I think all that movement I felt the other day from her might have been her getting into this new position though I wonder if it is a nice one as I can only imagine her brother might be hitting her head with his feet.

One thing I found kinda funny was that I was so super excited for this appointment but when she was measuring the cervix and the ovaries and such, all I wanted to do was fall asleep. I just wanted her to get to the excited part of the ultrasound! The ultrasound room is nice and dark so it would have been very easy for me to sleep there...but I didn't.

That's about if for the ultrasound appointment. A couple hours after the ultrasound appointment, we went to my OB appointment. The OB was pleased with the size of the babies - she actually seemed quite surprised at their size. She said that my belly is measuring to what a 30 week pregnant woman would look like with a singleton. She gave me the prescription to go to physical therapy. She told me last time to not take Tums because of my history and my family's history with kidney stones, but I (well, Jon actually tattled on me) told her I couldn't resist them - the heartburn is just too painful at times and it doesn't seem to matter when or what I eat. So she recommended that I take Zantac so I need to go pick up some of that and see if that helps. She said it will only get worse and if this doesn't help then she can prescribe some medication for this.

I also asked her about when I should consider slowing down at work and she said that maybe in 4-6 weeks, depending on how things look, I might go down to 30 weeks and then a little while after that (at 34-36 weeks, I think) I might want to stop working altogether. I mentioned this to my boss and I guess she was thinking of getting a temp into our office sometime in May (possibly the same guy that temped with us last summer that went through infertility and now is adopting a child from China), so it might work out just fine. Of course, when I got into work today, I learned that my duties are going to increase for a while to help out another coworker. I barely have the energy for the work I am doing, but I am going to try to do what I can.

Next time is when I have to do the glucose test by drinking that lovely juice. I hope I pass. :-D

One last thing, Jon and I went to the newborn care class at our hospital and I have to say that I liked this newborn class better than the multiples ones at UW. We actually got to practice on baby dolls - which may sound corny - but I appreciated it b/c then I could figure out swaddling since I've never done that before. The UW class was still good though!!!

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  • At 11:30 PM , Blogger Emmie said...

    Hey-my husband and I are going to a newborn class tomorrow as well! I hope it's good like yours. I feel like we had our multiples class forever ago.

    Glad to hear the babies are really thriving. You'll know when it's time to cut back or stop work--believe me. There will come a point when you're just too heavy to propel yourself into the office.


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