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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

23 w 6 d

23 w 6 d
Originally uploaded by heathercim.
Here's me with my new do and Oliver, as usual, looking on. Look at that belly!


  • At 6:15 PM , Blogger Watson said...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pix, you look GREAT!!


  • At 8:12 PM , Blogger Alice said...

    Love the hair!

  • At 10:29 PM , Anonymous Kelly said...

    The hair is adorable! Your belly is getting so big!

  • At 9:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    OHHH! you look so cute. Your hair cut is almost like mine, but mine is not as short. That belly is adorable!!


  • At 9:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yep you definately look pg in those pictures. Oliver being sweet can't believe that. I like your haircut. Love MOM


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