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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So Many Things...

warning: rambling post ahead

I have so many things on my mind and so many things I need to do - I really would like a couple days off work to get some things done but I also want to save my vacation for any extra time off with the babies. UGH!

So one thing I know we need to do is start looking into day cares. I don't want to do this. I just want to have someone I already know and trust take care of them. I wish I could stay home until they were 1 or so or at least, work part-time, but that just isn't a possibility. So many people have told me to start looking now especially since we are looking a place that could take twins.

Another thing, of which we have more time, is getting the baby room ready, but that means finishing clearing out stuff in that room to make way for the baby furniture. I also need to get some other stuff ready for when my brother comes to live with us for a bit. Once we know the gender of the babies, we plan to go buy some furniture and also, start a baby registry at a couple different places.

Speaking of baby registries, I need to go buy a shower gift - the shower isn't until the 18th so a bit more time. One of my friends is adopting and is asking for 6 inches pieces of fabric that will be combined with others to make a quilt. I need to find some fabric sometime very soon.

I need to complete our taxes (of which I hope we are getting money back - all that money spent on IVF and the drugs for IVF will certainly help with that).

And I'm incredibly anxious about Monday's u/s. With all the stuff I need to do, I still want to skip to Monday so we know (hopefully). Most of all, I hope that they are both doing really well. One of the ladies I chat with at work had her baby yesterday via C-section(the baby was breech) - 8 pounds 4 ounces. I can't wait to see pictures!

Then my dad still being in the hospital. I might be going to Spokane the last weekend in February right after my OB appointment on the 23rd (if the weather cooperates). I hope he's not still in the hospital then. I'm just going for a visit since it seems like forever since I've been over there. I think the last time was June 2006. That reminds me of a couple things - one, my youngest brother (not the one coming to live with me) is graduating from high school this year and I doubt I'll be going to his graduation since I could be having babies around that time. I'm kinda sad to miss it. The other thing is that I might be having a baby shower over Easter weekend in Spokane - I'm sure it's o.k., but still I wonder how far along can one be and still be o.k. to travel. I'll be nearly 26 weeks by then.

I must sound frantic - I do feel a little frantic, but I'm really not that stressed about most of these things quite yet as there still is some time - quite some time. I just need to make sure I do something each night or I will be really frantic if I wait until the last minute. These are just all the things I've been thinking about.

Tonight, I hope to post some belly pictures...

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  • At 3:22 PM , Blogger Nickie said...

    If I can remember long enough, I'll bring some pieces of fabric I have that we used one for a quilt for someone. They are already cut to size! That should take one thing off your list.

    Hopefully getting them all down and out of your head will help get thru them, one at a time.

    Monday just can't get here soon enough.

  • At 8:35 PM , Blogger Robin said...

    breathe! Im telling myself, not you:) You sound like you have a lot to do, but you also sound like you have it under control! Can't wait to hear the genders of your babies!

  • At 11:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    okay, first you need to breathe!! I have gone through pregnancy four times and still even with making all my lists and trying to prepare for everything, I still found that I missed somethings.

    I like the idea of bringing someone into your home to take care of your babies. You should start meeting people now, so that when it is time for you to go back to work, you will know them well enough and feel comfortable with leaving your babies with them.

    Also, I was thinking, maybe it would be easier if we traveled to you and had one big baby shower with family and friends. I am just nervous about you driving over here and I think my doctor had me stop traveling after 30 weeks, but it could be alot sooner with twins.

    And I am sure that our brother understands about the graduation thing.




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