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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Body Pillows, Cosleepers and Dad

Last night, I brought my body pillow (just a simple one, not one of those fancy ones) onto the bed to help provide support for my back as I (attempted) to lay on my left side. Well, I would still catch myself moving onto my back in my sleep, then I would wake up and move myself back to my left side. My back is just killing me today. I think I'm going to reposition it a different way and see what happens - I also think I'll find a pillow to put between my legs as I think that might help. I might end up getting another body pillow to put between my legs and under my tummy.

Has anyone used these cosleepers? One of my bosses says she has one that she would let us borrow if we want. I think I'll be taking her up on that offer.

In other non-pregnancy related news, my dad is back in the hospital. They are giving him more drugs in hopes that will help, but if not, they might have to go to dialysis (at least, that is my understanding). He doesn't have the results of his biopsy he did last week yet. I'm considering going over to Spokane sooner than I had thought, but it really depends on the weather across the pass and maybe a weekend when my husband can go with me.

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  • At 3:52 PM , Anonymous amanda said...

    As far as body pillows go, I bought the mini snoogle: and loved it. I got the stomach, hip, and back support I needed while still being able to use my own pillow for my head.

    I bought the mini Arm's Reach cosleeper, and while I think it's a good concept, Adam refuses to sleep in it. Maybe it will go over better when he's a bit older.

    I'm so sorry about your dad. Your family is in my thoughts.

  • At 1:26 PM , Blogger OHN said...

    That cosleeper thing is genius! I improvised when #3 was a baby. Since I was lazy and old by the time he came along and I was breastfeeding, I didn't want to get out of bed over and over all night long to feed him. I took our Fisher Price Side protector thingy (the kind that has the "arms" that go under your mattress) and let him sleep at the top corner of our bed. I was terrified I would roll over on him if he was "in bed" with us so this worked perfect! This is one of those inventions that I am kicking myself for not inventing before the other guy did!


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