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Monday, November 08, 2010

Almost forgot...again

Completely forgot that I never did get around to blogging today, so I suppose I should write something...but what?

Both the Huskies and the Seahawks sucked this week - I think they were going for the "who can suck the most?" award. It's a toss up so they will have to share in the award. Yay for Seattle for winning something! Oh and the Sounders lost too. So woo hoo, we got a trifecta of loss!

On to blogging about the kids -

Nicholas, Benjamin and I stayed home last night while Ella and Jon went to Costco. Only reason Benjamin stayed home was because he wasn't awake yet from his nap. So anyway, after about 3 minutes, Nicholas asks me "where Ewa go?" Me: She went to the store. Just a few minutes later - Nicholas: "where papa go?" Me: Same place as Ella - to the store. He kept asking me these questions until Jon and Ella came home. Benjamin, upon hearing one of these conversations, breaks out in tears and yells because he wanted to go to the store too. Jon, being the nice guy, took Benjamin to Safeway to grab some other things. Nicholas then started asking "where Ben go?" :-D

In case you are wondering, salmon burgers that we bought from the first store above are gross. Having said that, anyone want the rest of them?

Have I mentioned how grown up my boys look after their haircuts? And how cute Ella looks?

I am always amazed at the different words and phrases that my kids know. Sure, the twins are 3 1/2 (almost) and Nicholas 20 months, but still it amazes me. Benjamin just told me that the jump rope isn't touching the floor because he is holding it and it is hanging.

Is anyone reading this blog at all?

Here's to hoping I remember to blog tomorrow.

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