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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Trick or Treat again?

Last night, I went to go pick up the kids. They wanted to go to the park - well, it was wet and it was already getting quite dark, so I said no. Ella then quietly asked me something. I couldn't hear her. She repeated a few times but just as quietly. I asked to say it louder. Benjamin then piped up and said, a little louder, but still quietly, that they wanted to go trick or treat again. I then had the joy of trying to explain to them that we couldn't do that tonight and you only did that on Halloween. They screamed "NO!" but I went on explaining why. I think they get it now...maybe.

Nicholas is quite the cutie. He is saying so many different words and even making some good sentences. He told me last night that I had Ella's pants in my hand (he said "that Ewa pant"). He was sitting on the couch the other day and yelling for papa. When Jon responded, he yelled out papa again. It was just his facial expression as he did that.

I asked Ben & Ella last night if they will cry when they sit on Santa's lap - they told me no. We'll see about that. My work has the annual Santa pics on 11/20 this year so we'll test this answer out then.

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