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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Haircut time

As I write this, Nicholas is screaming because I took away the U.S. Maps puzzle from him - there are too many small pieces for him. I just don't trust him not to put the puzzle pieces in his mouth. And just as I finish this, he stopped crying because his found his milk cup.

The twins are busy watching Dora - their favorite show. And this show has baby twins - I wonder if they like that part. They just went through a pinata forest - wouldn't that be nice?

Well, today, we took the kids to get their haircut. This was Nicholas's first official haircut. See pics at

He did quite well with getting his haircut and looks so grownup now! Ella got a trim while Benjamin got a bigger haircut. He was in desperate need of a haircut, as was Nicholas. I didn't take any after shots of them yet, but I will.

After that, as a treat, we took them to get a donut. Then we went off to Target to get some things. We came back and I went off to meet Ally for lunch at Panera. I love the sandwiches there. Yum. Their bagels are good too. :-D Thanks Ally for lunch!
I came back and the twins went to their third gymnastics class with Jon. I stayed home with Nicholas as he took a nap and I cleaned some laundry (does the laundry pile ever go away?). I also watched the Huskies lose to the Ducks (no surprise there and I think they played like they expected to lose big time). While watching the game, I also read my book.

Well, that's about it for our day. Oh, the twins also went to the King County Library to see a juggler, I guess.

I will do my best to remember to blog tomorrow...

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