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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

before I forget and while I have time

Last Thursday (04/30/09), Nicholas rolled over from his tummy to his back. He's done it twice now! Yay, Nicholas! Nicholas likes to sleep in someone's arms or nearby someone - he does not like to wake up and find you are not near him. He screams out and gets bright red if he wakes up and he's in the bouncy seat or his cosleeper bed. Trying to do chores with him in a bjorn is rather tiring rather quickly.

A new word for both Benjamin and Ella - duck. And apparently, since chicks are yellow like the ducks they see in their books, chicks are also ducks.

Whenever they leave a room, they like to say "bye bye, see you". They don't like it when Jon leaves without them in the morning because usually when Jon gets ready to go, it's time to go to a park and play outside! Though it was pouring rain this morning, so I don't think it would have been that much fun, but then again, they didn't seem to mind it the other day.

I will be making attempt #2 tomorrow to see a movie with Nicholas for the mom & me movie time - last time, it didn't work so well since traffic to the other side of the lake was horrible (at least on 520).

That's all for now.

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