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Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a few things

Today and yesterday, I stayed at home with the kids. Yesterday, mainly b/c Benjamin was sick and today, b/c I'm a chicken when it comes to driving in the ice all the way to my work (~28 miles away each way). I'm too nervous about hurting the baby with the amount of stress white knuckle driving would bring me. I was supposed to have an OB appointment this morning, but it was cancelled and they said they're opening at 10, but they haven't yet.

Anyway, so we just hung out yesterday and saw how bad it got over where almost my entire family lives - over in Spokane. 21 inches officially is what I hear. Here, I maybe got 3-4 inches.

Some good things to happen while I've been home is that I learned Ella knows how to give a little close mouthed kiss. She kept coming up to me to give me a hug, then she gave me a kiss. So. Cute. Benjamin's favorite word of the day yesterday was mommy. :-D

I do have to admit that watching them on my own while 29 weeks pregnant is a bit of a challenge and I get tired easily, but it's been fun spending the day with them.

I just called OB's office and all of their lines are busy. I wonder when I'm going to be able to reschedule my appointment. I was supposed to have the FFN test again, the diabetes test and possibly an ultrasound. I find it funny that I get a recorded message from the OB's office this morning saying that they were closed - I got this phone call at 9:10 - 30 minutes after when my appointment was set to begin. Nice timing. Good thing I called the night before.

And this weekend is set to bring even more bad weather - not sure when I'm supposed to get my Christmas shopping done and even if I'll make into work on Monday (and I really need to).

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