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Thursday, September 18, 2008

15 month checkup and answer to question

First, the answer to the question I received from yesterday's post. The ring test is where you take your wedding band, or if you don't have one anyone's ring will do, and have someone hover it over one of your hands (it has also been done over your belly too). It is supposed to start moving a certain way for a girl and a another way for a boy. For the longest time, it said girl then a boy. But now, it is saying girl, boy, girl. For my coworker, for the longest time, it said boy, boy, girl. And now it's saying boy, boy, girl, girl. So, it doesn't appear to be as accurate as some would hope.


Now, onto the 15 month checkup. I took Ben & Ella to their 15 month checkup yesterday, and well, having two parents with two walking and curious toddlers is really a good thing. It's more a good thing because they both wanted mommy at the same time and not the strangers at the doctor's office.

Anyway, here are the stats:


Height: 30 1/4 inches (she was a wiggle worm during this so give or take a little bit) (45th percentile)

Weight: 23 lbs .4 oz (55%) (Ella didn't like this part either)

Head Circumference: 46 cm (50%)


Height: 33 inches (95%)

Weight: 27 lbs 5.6 oz (85%)

Head Circumference: 50 1/2 cm (>95%)

She's right in the middle and he's just a big boy.

They did have to have shots yesterday. I held Ella while the pre-med student held Benjamin. Ella did o.k. until a bit after the 1st shot was over and the 2nd shot was going in. Benjamin started screaming and gave me the "save me" look with the first shot. My poor guy!

Doctor asked if they like to climb. I laughed and said, "very much so". I should have told her the one day, Ella pushed the box the potty came in over to the couch, climbed up on there and was about to climb up onto the couch. They like to climb up and down the ladder leading to the slide - Benjamin more so. Ella will actually go down the slide. Benjamin can climb up onto one of our couches without assistance, while Ella still needs a bit of help.

She asked how long they had been walking. She checked on their teeth and seemed surprised Benjamin is only working on his 3rd. She said Ella has her 1st year molars coming in, which we knew.

They looked rather cute as we walked from the exam room to the scale. Two little toddlers walking down in just their diapers. Adorable! The staff members agreed. One of the staff members said to Ella "come here, Sarah. Oh, I mean, Ella!" She turned to me and said "We have another set of twins that come here named Sarah and Jackson, so I got confused." And I said, "yes, they are the children of some friends of ours!" I didn't actually hear her say Sarah, though it did sound like she said something that wasn't Ella.

Doctor also said I looked tired and Jon should give me a back rub (I didn't disagree with her, the night before was a rough night - more on a later post). I told him that and he was such a sweetie and gave me a back rub and went to the store to get me drugs for my cold. Such a good guy!

I think that's about it for their checkup. Next checkup is at 18 months.

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