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Friday, September 12, 2008

15 months and 15 weeks

Today, Ben & Ella are 15 months old. It's hard to believe that my little tiny babies are now toddlers. Sometimes they forget that they are taller than they used to be and will bonk their heads on the side or bottom of the dining room table.

Ella - has perfected the art of the tantrum already. She will get onto her knees and her head when she doesn't get her way and scream!

She is also become quite the runner. The other night, not to be outdone by Benjamin walking, she decided to run between Jon and I much like Benjamin was walking between us. She wanted to hear the "yay, you did it!" too. She's been running for a little bit by this point. So proud of my little girl!

Benjamin has become a walker. He's walked a bit here and there, but he's definitely a walker now even if he gets down to crawl too. He may not be a full time walker yet, but he will be soon. He has gotten more confidence. So proud of my little guy.

Over the past few days, he's become a clingy toddler. He won't let me put him down which is making it difficult for me to make dinner or change into comfy clothes. I try to put him down and he turns around to me and holds my pant leg tight and looks up to me and says "momma, momma". How can I not pick him up?

Lately, she and Benjamin have helped us throw away their dirty diapers or pick up any food that may have dropped from the floor from their high chair trays. Such helpful little children!

Ella and Benjamin have the longest eyelashes and beautiful blue eyes. Everytime I look into their eyes I think of the Snow Patrol song that I listened to quite a bit in the infertility stage of my life. "All that I am. All that I ever was is here in your perfect eyes. They're all I can see." Love that song.

And one thing that I must write about is got to be the cutest thing ever. They like to show affection to each other (and to us sometimes) by touching their heads together. When I was pregnant, I watched a National Geographic show on multiples in the womb - they mentioned you might see your multiples play with one child on one side of a curtain with the other on the other side. Well, my children, while in the womb, had their heads up against each other. I can only imagine that their little affection of touching their heads together and how they smile when they do that or coo when they do that is them doing something that brought them comfort in the womb. So sweet.

On another note - I am at 15 weeks today. Feeling alright, though the smell of salmon today just nauseated me. Still very tired though not as much as used to be - for example, I don't feel the strong urge to lay down under my desk and take a nap - it's just a wish right now. I don't fall asleep while in the bathroom either (yes, that pretty much happened to me - I should not have closed my eyes). Forgot to mention - I feel like an old person - everytime I get up, my right hip wants to give out on me. Gotta loves those hormones!

That's all for now. Soon, I hope to upload some new pictures onto flickr and some videos too.

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  • At 3:45 PM , Blogger Kerry Lynn said...

    I'm glad to hear your energy is improving if only slightly. At least it's in the right direction.

    The affection toward each other is so cute. Madison seems to be more annoyed by Jackson's attempts at affection though. She screams if he touches her at all.


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