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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Night

Tonight, Jon is in Leavenworth. I am on my own with the twins and it will be my first time without him in the house overnight. We've lived in this house for 5 years. He's been alone in the house plenty of times by himself overnight.

Tomorrow, I will take Ben & Ella for their 15 month checkup. I hope that there are no shots tomorrow, but there might be. I hope that they will be good little toddlers and not get into anything that they shouldn't, but you know they will. Why isn't the pediatrician's office better child proofed?

Speaking of people I need to take them to, I'm wondering when we should start taking them to the dentist. Ella is working on her 7th tooth. Benjamin is working on his third. So for you other parents out there, when should I start taking them? Should it be now?

And, of course, while he's away is the time for my allergies to kick it up to miserable levels so I feel like crap. I called the OB to see if there is anything I can take - I'm still waiting on a reply.

In other news, a coworker of mine just told me that she has her very own surprise pregnancy. The ring test had told her before that she was only having three and now it says 4. I'm beginning to think that ring test isn't accurate (note sarcasm). ;-D

That's all for now - hopefully, once I leave work, where the air is all dusty because of all the ductwork they are doing, I'll feel a lot better.

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  • At 6:57 PM , Anonymous Karen @ Chez Perky said...

    My dentist says to bring kids in when they're about 3 years old. J was even older before he saw a dentist because he wouldn't let anyone anywhere near his mouth. *shrug*

    SOME pediatric dentists say to bring babies in as soon as they have their first tooth, but frankly, I think this is ridiculous. I've never met a family dentist who says this. I'm sure as *bleep* not bringing my triplets in anytime sooner than I need to. And they've got 19 teeth between them.

  • At 9:53 AM , Blogger Heather said...

    So what is "the ring test?"

    Sorry to hear you are alone. Also, our daughter didn't see the dentist until she was three years old. That's what her pediatrician recommended. But I have a friend who's daughter went before she was a 1 1/2. That's what her ped said to do. I guess every doctor thinks differently on that one.

  • At 10:34 PM , Anonymous :-jon said...

    I made it back to my family!!


    Benjamin said "dabba, daba, dabba"

    Ella ran up and gave me a hug, so that she could distract me whilst picking the pen from my pocket.


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