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Friday, August 22, 2008

Twin Stories

Because I need to think of some cute things, I have some cute stories to share about my twins.

Ella - when she smiles, she scrunches up her nose sometimes. It is the most adorable thing to see. Of course, there are times she has her temper tantrums that are not so cute to see (like yesterday when it was time to go home from the daycare and she refused to give up the two plastic cups she was holding - we brought them home with us and brought them back today).

Last night, after reading the same book to Ella 3 times and another book 2 times as she sat on my lap, she went to go get another book and sat down by me and starting to "read" the book. How cute is that?

Benjamin - the other night, I gave them some grapes to eat after dinner and Benjamin would lift up a grape to offer to me only to quickly put it into his mouth as soon as I got close enough to get it. He did this many times in a row. Such a tease! And he thought it was hilarious each time.

Last night, I just smiled at him when he was on the other end of the room and he came crawling toward me so quickly with a huge smile and laugh. I love these moments.

Moments like the above remind me just how much I am glad that Ben & Ella are in my life and how wonderful it will be with #3.



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