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Friday, August 22, 2008

u/s and ob update

All was well at the u/s appointment this afternoon. My fear was irrational...thank goodness. The baby measures 12w2d. At first, the tech could not do the nuchal fold measurements because this baby was just too comfy sleeping, thank you very much, so I had to "shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it" (much like last time). That got the baby to wake up and wiggle around. The tech, we learned, also has boy/girl twins - but hers are 17 years old. She asked me, while measuring my ovaries, if I was in pain. It turns out I have a cyst on my left ovary - she said that was most likely the one that ovulation occurred from. Hmm, the right tube was the one that was definitely blocked/twisted, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it was the left side that all this likely took place. The left side was just a little iffy. Have I mentioned how weird it feels to get pregnant without any medical assistance?

Anyway, after the u/s appointment, we headed to the bloodletting place - thankfully, all that water that I drank and wearing a sweater on nice day (to keep warm - why are bloodletting places always freezing?) helped this time and not only did they find a good vein on the first poke, blood actually came out...easily. Shocking, I know!

Then, we headed to the OB's office. I was supposed to see my OB for this visit, but that didn't happen. The OB's office gave me all these dates for all my visits up until my 42nd week, should I need it, but failed to record the first appointment in their calendar. Lovely. So instead of seeing my OB today, I saw one of the NPs - that isn't bad, but I wanted to see my OB! I was just a bit irritated - I wanted to be seen today - at least, have my urine tested for another possible UTI. Thankfully, they found someone who had 10 minutes to see me. Probably the one doctor or NP I have never met in that office.

Anyway, that's it. I'll post pics of the u/s as soon as I scan them. I am completely relieved that everything is o.k.



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