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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Talk

After we had the twins, people would ask us if we want to have any more and I always said that if it happened, it happened. We weren’t going to do anymore fertility treatments, so it would have to be a miracle for me to get pregnant again. Back when I said that I really didn’t think it would happen. After all, why would it? We tried for several years before turning to IVF – our last hope for a miracle. Now, not only do we have our sweeties, Benjamin and Ella, it appears another miracle is heading our way. It has slowly started to sink in that this is really happening. Tomorrow, I will be at 11 weeks.

(I do wish I would have known that this was going to happen – I wouldn’t have gotten rid of all those clothes and baby gear!!! I only have a few items that I kept for sentimental value (to remember how tiny Ben & Ella used to be). People tell me, of course, you were going to get pregnant after you gave all that stuff away! Oh, and after we bought the CR-V that won’t fit 3 carseats! I’ll be visiting some sales for clothing and baby gear, and we’ll be trading in our Civic for a minivan later this year probably.)

Anyway, as it is starting to sink in, I am just feeling such joy. I’m still freaking out about the money part of it, but I am just thinking of how wonderful it is to have Benjamin & Ella. I just love my children so much. The wait was definitely worth it. I can only imagine I will feel the same way with our new child – in fact, I already do feel that way. I love this child already. It definitely was once I saw that heartbeat. In only one more week, we’ll get to see our baby again for the NT scan.

Yesterday, when I was at the daycare to pick up Ben & Ella, they were asking me if I would mind being a reference as they have a woman who is due next year that is interested in their daycare. I told them I wouldn’t mind. Then, I became nervous because what if they gave all of their infant spots away before we told them of our pregnancy (at the time being, we are thinking of both of us continuing to work – we’ll see how that goes)? So I told them and asked if they had a spot available for our new addition, and they said yes – they’ll save a spot for us and without having to pay them to hold the spot (thank goodness). I didn’t ask them how much extra it would be – I was afraid to know.

In other news, at the daycare, they have an indoor slide in the infant room that has 3 steps to climb up before they can go down the slide. Ella successfully learned how to do it and is now loving the slide. Benjamin just likes to climb up the slide. Benjamin has learned recently about going through the tunnel at the daycare. He used to get so frustrated because he couldn’t figure out how Ella was doing it until he realized one day he just needed to lower his head. I guess he now goes through the tunnel a lot and finds it quite fun to do so.

That's about it for now.

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    I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to stop by and say congratulations on the new baby! I think it is so wonderful, and I have to admit that I am a bit jealous. I would love a 3rd, but husband made it clear that he is done. (Plus, we would really freak out financially.)I am SO happy for you!


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