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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

These feet were made for walking

Ella is officially a walking girl. She walked all over the house last night...and with no prompting by us and with no one hand holding. She just walked. It was so unbelievably cute to see her walking. We clapped and said "yay, Ella". Benjamin joined in on the clapping.

We took them to their 1 year checkup yesterday. Benjamin was nearly 25 pounds. Ella was nearly 21 pounds. Benjamin grew about an inch (31 inches) and Ella grew about 1/2 an inch (28 1/4 or something like that) since their 9 month checkup. They didn't do the immunization shots yesterday because Ella was wheezing and they wanted us to use the nebulizer for the next week or until it clears up, and let me tell you how much fun this is not. Ella squirms all over the place. So if she is fine next week, they will give Ben & Ella their shots next week when we go in on Wednesday.

The daycare sent me photos of them celebrating their birthday with them. I'm going to upload them soon...I hope.



  • At 12:40 PM , Blogger KeDaCoMo said...

    I had the same issues w/ Connor, But just as long as the mist blows in the direction of her nose and mouth she should be breathing some of it in. Hope she gets better!

  • At 8:10 PM , Anonymous Shannon said...

    Yay Ella!!

    It seems like just yesterday I was reading about your hosptial bed rest! Wow...time is flying by.


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