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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Sippy Cup And Solid Food Adventure Continues

I gave Benjamin and Ella sippy cups and some little pieces of peaches last night. Benjamin thought the sippy cup was hilarious. I would put it up to his mouth to show him that it was to drink from and he just thought that was funny. Was he thinking, 'silly mommy, you don't drink from this. This isn't a bottle!"? Ella at least picked up the cup and put it into her mouth - she hasn't quite figured out that she needs to lift it in order to drink from it though.

As far as the peaches. They both picked up the pieces, but only Ella put it into her mouth...and promptly spit it back out while giving this disgusted look. Benjamin tried to pick it up but got bored after a minute (to be fair, the pieces I gave them were quite small - I was nervous about possible choking - so that could be the issue). I put the peaches into Benjamin's mouth and he gave the disgusted look to but he, at least, munched on it and swallowed the pieces. We'll try again tonight with the sippy cups and the pieces of food.

Not much else going on besides that.

I do have a question for those who have children - do you ever feel that once you have children people think that you no longer want or can do certain things that you did before you had children? I'm getting that feeling these days.

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  • At 4:10 PM , Blogger Alli said...

    Rose enjoys banging her cup as if it were a gigantic drum stick. :)

    My friends KNOW I can't do a lot of the things I used to do simply because Rose hates the car still. Plus, most of my friends have children of their own.

    What kinds of things are people thinking you can't do?!


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