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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baby Talk

Well, Benjamin & Ella seem to be doing a lot better. I’m getting there myself. All of us still have a bit of a stuffy nose and a cough, but it doesn’t sound nearly as bad as it did over the weekend. Because of our sickness, I told my fellow support group members that we weren’t going to be able to make it to the playdate. It turns out (I would find out much later) that the playdate was cancelled because the host’s child was sick too.

I should mention that in one of my recent posts that I was worried about Ella weighing 16 pounds – it’s not so much that she’s 16 pounds that worries me but the fact that she was 16 pounds nearly 3 months ago that worries me. She didn’t gain anything. They have their 9 month checkup on the 14th, so I’m hoping she will have gained something on what she was at 6 months, even if it is only an ounce. She may end up being a stick like I was for a good 24 years of my life before my metabolism slowed way the hell down and I started to pack on that weight.

Benjamin, I know, is a big guy. 22 pounds for a nearly 9 month old – that’s a pretty good size.

In wonderful news, Ella has sorta made forward progress. And in the middle of the night, it hit me, holy crap, we really, really need to get some childproofing done. The way she made her forward progress last night was by getting up on her hands and feet and pushing herself forward. She did this twice. At one point, she even may have moved her right knee forward. I said “yay Ella!” She smiled up at me. Then, when she tried to do it again, she got frustrated and started to cry as if she couldn’t remember how she did it before. I may have distracted her, I guess. I have gotten Benjamin up on his hands and knees just once. And he didn’t stay there for too long. He has gotten a lot more interested in standing though. And one time, I was holding him up to stand and Ella was sitting and he kinda looked at her with this triumphant look on his face as if to tell her that mommy was holding him up to stand but not her.

Last night, while I was changing each baby’s diaper, they were not a happy bunch. It had been a long day, I guess. They were both crying and I tried to sing them songs to console them, but nothing was working. They were tired babies. At one point, they were crying, then they slowed down the crying a bit – in that slow crying period, they looked at each other as if to say “Should we continue?” “I think we should.” “O.K. Let’s do this.” And the crying continued. It was kinda cute.

When I went to go pick up the babies at the daycare, they were playing in the room designated for infants, and one of the daycare ladies to go help a mom with her child, and Ella cried at the daycare lady leaving the room. And I’m like “Ella, mommy is right here. Ella! Mommy is right here!” She then looked at me and continued on playing. Silly girl!

Benjamin has become quite the “drummer” in that he likes to hit stuff. The telephone toy at the daycare. The CD player toy we have at home (it’s not an actual CD player, but I have no idea what to call it).

Ella has started to dance from front to back like Benjamin has been doing. She still does the side to side, but I guess it was time to mix up her dancing styles. :-D

And to end, I actually got a comment from the author of the book I talked about. That was kinda surprising and cool. :-D

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  • At 5:34 PM , Blogger Alli said...

    You give the best updates! I always blank on what to write about Rose and then read your blog and think, oh yeah!

    Keep us updated on Ella's weight. I am sure it will be just fine!

  • At 7:39 PM , Anonymous Kelly said...

    Glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better! Fun stuff in this post. :-)

    I wonder if Ella's becoming so active might be a part of her stabilized weight? Doesn't seem like something to worry too much about anyway... she seems extremely healthy. (Well, despite the recent illness, which I suppose could actually lead to a weight loss at the next checkup...)

  • At 8:56 PM , Blogger Kerry Lynn said...

    Madison weighed 12 12 at her 9 month appointment. I can't remember off hand what she weighed before that but the doctor said that because she had been so active (she started crawling at 7 months) that she was burning a lot more calories and that the not a lot of gain was perfectly fine.
    We have their 12 month in a couple weeks and I bet she doesn't weigh more than 14 pounds. She's been wearing the same clothes for 6 months now! She's just a peanut. A good eater too so I don't know where it's going.
    Hopefully your doctor won't be concerned.


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