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Monday, March 10, 2008

Exciting News!

Ella is a crawling girl now! She's been getting ever closer the past few days, and on Friday, the daycare told me she actually crawled. This whole weekend, she was crawling. She's still working out the kinks, but she will go a couple movements forward, then go down to her belly, then get back up to start the whole process again. She likes to practice this new skill in the middle of the night - I heard a strange sound from their bedroom at 1:30 this morning - it was Ella on her hands and knees crawling around. I left, and surprisingly, she didn't cry out. I went to use the restroom and came back out and still nothing, so I went back to bed. She must have fallen back asleep - on her tummy.

I guess this morning, she crawled over to Benjamin to try to take a toy he was playing with. Poor Benjamin.

Benjamin still won't stay on his belly for too long, so who knows when he'll start crawling.

Ella also has a tooth popping through those gums and it looks like there may be a second one about to break through too. No signs of teeth for Benjamin yet.

As for Benjamin, he's so funny. He LOVES to talk. He says new sounds all the time. Ella is starting to become more of a talker. I'm pretty sure that both of them are saying something that sounds an awful lot like mommy.

For a long time now, Ella seemed to be a papa's girl, but this weekend, she seemed to want me more. I would leave the room, and she would fuss even though Jon was right there. This morning, she didn't want to play pass the baby - she wanted to stay in mommy's arms. Benjamin was still sleeping when I left to come to work. :-(

This weekend, Jon and I took turns hanging out with one baby for some one on one time. Saturday, we walked around Northgate and to B&N so I could use my gift card. I hung out with Ella while we were there that day. Sunday, Ella went to the mall with papa to get a battery we need for our alarm system and our scale. When they came back, Benjamin and I went to do our alone time. We went to Tar&get because I wanted to buy a new lamp for our livingroom. We had gone through the store with the lamp and some other stuff when Benjamin was starting to act fussy. It was really hot in the store, so Benjamin probably was getting too warm. I had taken off his coat, but that wasn't enough, I guess. He started to fall asleep though he had just got up from a nap. Anyway, we get to the register and I didn't notice until then, the lamp was broken. UGH! I wasn't about to go back and get another one since Benjamin was upset. After that, I took him to the library since I needed to drop off some things. He was o.k. there since it was cooler there. We hung outside in the little park for a little bit before heading back home.

We also went on a couple walks this weekend around our neighborhood since it turned out to be a nice weekend. We put Ella into the baby swing for the first time yesterday - she seemed to like it - she really enjoyed it when she saw me swinging too. Benjamin was taking a little nap so he didn't get to enjoy the swing. Hopefully, this coming weekend is nice so we can go back to the park and let him enjoy the swing. I think he'll really like it.

Well, that's all for this post!



  • At 3:31 PM , Blogger KeDaCoMo said...

    Yes you will love that she is crawling now, but once she starts to get into things and takes off all around the house, you might not like it so much.


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