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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Support Group & Santa

Benjamin is so cute. He has become quite the talker - he says so many different sounds. It sounds as if he's telling a story. So cute. Ella has been doing that for a while now - her talking has a lot of gurgling in it - so funny and cute.

Well, this morning, though I almost didn't go, I went to a support group meeting with other multiple moms. One of the moms was from my infertility support group - it was a surprise to see her there. Her babies are just a month old. I was so glad she was there - I didn't realize until I saw her how much I miss the ladies from that group. We're planning a get-together in early December - it will be great to see them and to see the changes that each baby has made.

Another one of the couples I had met before from my multiples class at UW. It was a good discussion so I'm glad I went. We helped answer each other's questions we had on sleeping, bathing, developmental milestones, etc. I will definitely be going to the next Saturday meeting in December.

After I came home, Jon and I got the babies ready to go get pictures taken with Santa. It was great - we just walked right in, took their coats off, took the pictures, then got the coats back on and came back home. We were there for maybe 10 minutes total. I'll be adding some of the pics to flickr pretty soon if anyone wants to see - link is off to the right.

We came back home and we were greeted by the smell of cookies baking. My mother-in-law ended up coming up last night and she's staying until tomorrow or Monday. I'm not sure actually. What a nice surprise.

Well, that's all for today. Check on flickr for some pics soon!

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