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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Response to Comment & Baby Update

To whoever just posted an anon. comment on my last post - are you someone I know IRL or just my "lovely" troll? Fess up please!

I answered you in my comments for that post, but Jon already goes off and plays with his friends every Friday night (though it sounds like he may be taking this Friday off - he's not sure yet. I think it depends on if his mom is coming over or not). My previous comment on this subject was that I wish they weren't playing EVERY Friday night.

I might have commented on this before, but I work all week too and I'd like some hang out with friends time too. I feel like I haven't seen any of them in forever. If I'm awake enough tonight, I may go see a friend play her music at an open mike night, but since I was up at 4 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep until 10 minutes before my alarm - it isn't looking likely...again, but maybe I'll get my 2nd wind by then.

In other news, Benjamin might have an eye infection. Jon called the pediatrician this morning to set up a possible appointment (unless the doctor says what we can do when she talks to Jon). Poor little guy. I hope he's o.k. Since Jon has sick time and can use it for when his kids are sick and I have no sick time (until Feb.) and can't use it for that purpose, I can't take him to the doctor myself.

Both babies woke at 4 this morning. I went to Ella three times to put the pacifier back in her mouth - letting her cry it out was not working. I tried. So on the 4th time visiting their room, I picked her up and brought her to bed with me to sleep until my alarm went off at 5:30. Jon was upstairs with Benjamin at the time. She was so cute laying their next to me. When my alarm went off, I couldn't get up - she was just so cute. I just had to stare at her and her cuteness.

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  • At 1:38 PM , Blogger KeDaCoMo said...

    You know. I didn't see that commment before on your other blog. I think I asked you about you staying home while you were still pregnant with them. I understand now, with the cost of living there, that that was just not an option for you. Not to mention that the cost of the IVF is a big chunk of change too. I hope that whomever left that comment can understand that aspect of your life and others that have to work instead of being a SAH mom. I stayed at home only b/c the cost of daycare for 4 kids would have outweighed anything that I would make.


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