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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baby Talk and TV

I wonder if anyone still struggling with infertility still reads this blog. I would imagine with all my posts with pictures and videos would scare a lot of people away still going through it. I really didn't mean to cause anyone grief. Sorry. I guess I was just excited to show off Benjamin and Ella.

On that note, if you don't want to hear about babies, you probably should stop reading this post now. And I probably should say that this blog has pretty much become a mom blog as that is all I know right now, so if this hurts you, I am so sorry. Please know that anyone going through infertility, I hurt for you. I wish you the happiness that I have been fortunate enough to obtain.


Jon and I were watching Scrubs the other night. This is a show that I had gotten irritated at with its storyline of two of the characters trying to get pregnant and her going for *the* test after a couple months (or something like that). I continue to watch it though because it can be funny or, in last Thursday's night's show, cry-worthy. On the show, the main character and his pseudo-girlfriend were having a baby and when they had the baby and the baby cried out, it made me and my husband tear up (I wonder if he wants me sharing that with the world). That scene reminded me of the first time I heard Ella cry - right when they took her out of me and announced the baby was a girl. What a wonderful moment that was. When they took out Benjamin, he didn't cry - he was very quiet. All I remember of him is that they announced that he was a big boy (for a twin). In those two minutes in the OR, I became a mother and I cried then and I cried watching that scene because how wonderful is that sound of a baby crying for the first time.

I wish I could give them hugs right now. And although they both woke up at 4 a.m. today and so I've been awake ever since, I love them with all my heart and couldn't imagine life without them.

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