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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1 at Day Care

My heart is just aching today. Today is Benjamin & Ella's first day at daycare. My husband dropped them off so I didn't have that heartbreak of saying goodbye to them there. I will be picking them up though. With one car, this is going to be interesting. My husband dropped them off then took the car to Northgate where my vanpool meets (I took the bus there). He then took the bus to work from there. I will go find the car (he told me where it's at),then go pick up the babies. He will take the bus home. As soon as we can pay off our Civic, we're getting another car. I'm hoping that our tax refund will take care of that, so it will be another few months.

Anyway, I hope that they do well at the day care. I miss them terribly. When I first came back to work, it was nice to have that break - some adult interaction, but I want to be back home with my babies now. And now, Jon isn't even at home with them. Someone that is essentially a stranger is watching them now. Sure we've met the daycare providers several times, but we still don't know her all that well and neither do Benjamin and Ella.

I wish it was time to go home now - I hope that we have great traffic tonight. I am so incredibly anxious to get them and bring them home.

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