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Monday, October 29, 2007

Blog writing, football game & cute babies!

I've decided to try to write a blog post every day in the month of November as part of . I did this last year with my other blog, so I'll see if I can do it again. It will be a little harder this year with the twins at home and not having a full hour lunch to devote to random things (I'm still pumping at work - usually on my lunch break).

So AF has finally arrived. :-( 4 1/2 months after the babies were born, she shows up again. I'm glad it didn't show up any sooner.

In other news, Benjamin and I had a great time at the football game despite the Huskies losing the game. Huskies and the Wildcats were battling over who got to be at the bottom of the Pac-10 - it looked like the Huskies were going to pull off the win there, but became an even crappier team toward the end of the game. Oh well, it was a good game despite the loss. Benjamin looked around a lot at all the different things and people around him. He looked at the game for a little bit down on the field, but seemed more interested in watching the game on the "HuskyTron". Silly baby! He did manage to fall asleep for a little bit at the game despite all the noise. Funny that when my husband dropped us off up on campus (so as to avoid trying to find a parking spot and paying for it), I heard this noise and looked around for the plane it must be coming from - nope - that was the crowd in the stadium!

Last night, Benjamin initiated the sticking out the tongue game with me. It was so cute!!! He started it. I stuck my tongue out at him. He did it back - we laughed. Great time was had by all. Of course, by the time, my husband got the camera, he was bored with the game.

This morning, Ella gave me the hugest smile! I almost missed my vanpool because of it. Luckily, the vanpool driver was running a bit behind too.

Well, that's all for this post!

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