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Thursday, November 01, 2007

1st Halloween

Just thought I would write about Benjamin & Ella’s 1st Halloween. They came to visit me at work in their cute little costumes…emphasis on the little when it comes to Benjamin. I got him a 3-6 month cow costume, but he really doesn’t fit into it. He’s a big boy! He’s wearing stuff that says it’s for 9 months (though it’s Car*ters stuff and that seems to mean it goes up to 9 months, not that it starts at 9 months). Anyway, after we visited with people and had some lunch, the babies, Jon and my mom-in-law went to go visit Jon’s work for a bit. Then when I finally got home after a rather long commute home, it was time for trick-or-treaters. We thought of going out around our neighborhood just to show them off, but Benjamin’s costume was off and there was no way I was going to attempt to put it back on him and Jon had promised him he didn’t have to wear it again. Plus, he fell asleep and we had to get stuff ready for their 1st day in daycare. Ella, on the other hand, got her costume back on (Jon had taken it off) and she helped us answer the door. We got a good turn out this year – there weren’t any OMG outfits this year though there were a lot of cuties!
So that’s their first Halloween. We’re going to a late Halloween party on the 11th, so we’ll dress them up again. I went to a store nearby my work and found a costume for Benjamin for $5, so he’ll have something to wear. He’ll be a fire chief (though it looks like a bumblebee costume) (and the costume could double as a sleeping blanket so we’ll get our money’s worth, I think).

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