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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy 4 months, Benjamin and Ella!

I actually wrote this part of the blog post on 10/12 on their 4 month birthday...

I'm sure that they both woke up at 2 this morning because they were so excited to start celebrating their 4 month old birthday. That's gotta be it as Ella has been sleeping 10-11 hours per night, but not last night!

Benjamin - you are just so cute when you are staring at your fist - that mighty fist - then you stuff that fist into your mouth. I love your smile and your laugh too. It was wonderful seeing it early this morning. I can't believe how much you've grown - you have got to weight close to 17 pounds by now. We'll find out your official weight at your 4 month check up on Monday. I was looking at a photo of you and your sister at birth and your little newborn smushed up face has lengthened out and fattened up - you are just so cute! It does make me sad though that when you are crying sometimes, it sounds as if you are crying "mooommmm". :-(

This part I wrote on 10/13...

Ella - that laugh of yours is so adorable. And you are so silly how much you actually fight going to sleep - you must think you are going to miss something really cool though besides you, I'm the only one up right now as we're letting papa sleep in for his birthday. I can't believe how much you've grown either. You are a little over 13 pounds the last time we checked. This morning, you were being such a big girl and laying on your tummy and lifting your head to smile at your brother. That was so adorable - and Benjamin smiling and talking back to you - OMG, sooooo cute!

I loved it so much this morning when you both gave me big smiles - what a way to start the day!

I went to go get the camera to record the moment of them chatting with each other, but, of course, I get the camera and they're done chatting and smiling at each other. I did get a video of them doing tummy time together that I'll post later.



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