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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cuties & Their 4 month checkup

Benjamin and Ella were so cute this morning. They both were awake at 5:30 this morning. After we fed them and I pumped, we had some time to hang out with each other before I had to leave for work. Benjamin started to stick out his tongue at me (as he knows I will respond to him) and I stuck my tongue back at him. Both him and Ella thought that was pretty funny, so I continued to stick out my tongue and make funny noises (we've done this many times before). Jon went to go get the camera to record Ella laughing and Benjamin smiling while sticking out his tongue. I'll have to try to upload that video later for everyone to see.

In other news, they had their 4 month checkup yesterday. They are doing well. They were very brave when getting their shots (or so Jon tells me as I wasn't able to go due to a work thing I had to be at work for).

Here's their official weight and height info:

24" - 45%
13 lbs, 2.4 oz - 45%

26.5" - 90%
16 lbs, 7.2 oz - 85%

Yep, Benjamin is a big guy. Ella is catching up from what she was before - at the 20th/25th percentiles.

We had a presentation this morning and they showed a video of babies and older children and it made me want to go home and be with my babies. Only 4 more hours and I'll be able to go home. Also, with the video, at the end, the little DVD logo was bouncing around the screen and I had to giggle to myself after watching The Office from the other night when the crew was waiting for the DVD logo to bounce into the corner of the screen. I did not jump up and scream or leave the presentation once the logo finally did bounce into the corner. :-D

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