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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Taken February 4, 2007

Taken February 3, 2007
Originally uploaded by heathercim.
16 weeks 6 days



  • At 6:01 AM , Blogger OHN said...

    I finally have a couple minutes to get caught up with some blogs...have you considered having someone come to your home to take care of the babies? I actually did some home daycare and the moms loved having the kiddos in a home atmosphere with good food, and a couple other kids to play with. It worked out great for everyone. Just a thought :)

  • At 6:23 AM , Blogger Emmie said...

    Your picture is great--looking good! It's exciting to see other twin pregnancy bellies.

    As far as day care, I've started looking inot an au pair program. Someone from Europe comes and stay with you for a year to take care of the babies. It seems like a good alternative to taking the babies out of the house every day, and you get to form a closer relationship with the person watching them. Several co-workers have highly recommended it.

  • At 6:23 AM , Blogger SaraS-P said...

    Nice belly! I can sense the twins wavng at me!

  • At 1:08 PM , Blogger Watson said...



  • At 6:02 PM , Blogger Robin said...

    Thanks for the pics, you look great!

  • At 10:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Boy you do look pregnant don't you Love Mom


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