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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Day Closer...

to seeing my wigglers again! Yay! :-D

Just a couple comments on comments I've received:

Regarding day care and who will watch the twins when Jon and I go back to work. I would love it if I could find someone to come my home - that would be the ideal situation if I wasn't able to be with them. Unfortunately, I don't think an au pair would work for us since we don't have that big of a house - the au pair wouldn't really have her own private space. My brother will be in the downstairs room, but he will have to share that space with us as our washing machine and dryer are down there and with our kitties as that is where their litter boxes are. I think my brother is o.k. with this situation, but I don't know if an au pair would be. Otherwise, I would be definitely looking into that further.

I'm not sure when I have time to meet people - which is one reason I'm nervous about the day care thing because when are we going to be able to do this while getting other things prepared and my husband in classes? I plan to join the couple multiples groups in the area, so maybe they will be able to give some suggestions. A friend has offered to watch them, but who knows what will happen in between now and then. It won't be until possibly end of September or October before we will need someone to watch them. It would be great if we lived closer to my mother-in-law as she said she would watch them for free. I'm hoping that maybe she would be willing to come up to us for a little while to watch them if we need her to.

If I can't find someone to come to my home, I would like an in-home day care close by my home or near my work or my husband's work. My employer has a program through one of the community colleges nearby my work, so we may check that out to see if that might be an option.

Well, anyway, we really do need to get started on looking at places just so we can weed out the bad ones and see what the prices are out there. It's just not going to be a fun time.



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