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Friday, January 19, 2007

What? & Update on dad

So now my mom is in the ER. My sister tells me she's waiting for my mom to come back from an ultrasound to see exactly what's going on with her. I guess she managed to see a doctor today (not sure if the nephrologist) and the doctor told her to get to the hospital right away.

My dad is still in the hospital and will be until at least Monday or Tuesday. They are doing a biopsy of his kidney on Monday and he's super puffy from all the fluid retention. My mom said last night it looks like he's gained 40 pounds. His kidneys seem to be getting more function though. They seem to think the combination of high blood pressure medication he was taking might have caused this.

I really want to go over to Spokane, but I don't want to drive over the pass. I really hope they are o.k. I can't believe they are both in the hospital at the same time for the pretty much the same thing.



  • At 4:08 AM , Blogger OHN said...

    Do you think you could handle any more stress??!! Geez--I hope the weekend gets a little better for you!

  • At 4:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I got more info. after talking to you. I really can't remember if Itold you or not last night. she saw her regular dr. and he sent her to the ER b/c it was in the late afternoon and there would be no other place to get an ultrasound at that time of day on a friday. but he was thinking that it was clots in her legs. I really dont agree with the ER docs on the bladder infection thing, b/c if that was the case then why didn't reg. doc. just check that. and plus she has no symptoms for that. she will be seeing the reg.doc. again sometime this week so hopefully we wil know more then.



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