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Friday, June 10, 2011


A little while ago, my kids watched Cars for the first time. I also got a few books from the last multiples group sale that had the characters from Cars in it. So Nicholas has been hearing the word Ka-chow (from Lightning McQueen) a lot. Not to mention, we went to a Cars themed birthday party this past weekend (which was a cute place in Woodinville called The Nest). Well, Nicholas kept saying ka-chow last night (saying it like katow!) - quite cute.

Only 2 more days and Ben & Ella will be 4! The time has indeed gone by fast. Their party isn't until next weekend - I planned their party then thinking my sister and family would be more likely to come since they are still in school now and my niece's birthday is tomorrow - but they aren't coming. So I wish we were having the party tomorrow as more would have been able to come. Oh well.

Ben & Ella have been able to write their names for some time. However, for some reason, Benjamin now thinks he needs to write his name perfectly. So because the N was not written with a straight line, he threw a tantrum and a pen and told me to write his name. I told him that it doesn't need to be perfect, but he didn't believe me.Ugh. What is this boy going to be like in school?

Ella is doing a bit better with going poo on the potty. She went last night all on her own and well, she is 4 in 2 days so she better start going on the potty like she told me she would do.

Nicholas is rather possessive these days. He sees one of the other kids walking toward me and he will run toward me to say "my mommy!" It is quite cute actually. It is going to make me sad when he doesn't run to me anymore (like Benjamin) and give me his little pat on the shoulder hug.

In sad (but keeping a positive attitude) news, my mom has learned that her cancer has spread further down her spine and into her pelvic bone. Not the news any of us wanted to hear. so she is starting chemo on Monday. I hope that chemo will get rid of the cancer yet again. She battled breast cancer about 5 years ago and it came back in her bones (and because of that, they denied her long term disability because she had a pre-existing condition - that word just drives me crazy). Please send her positive vibes and send up a prayer that she can beat this yet again!

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