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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One on One

Jon and I are trying to spend one on one time with the children. This past weekend I managed to spend some time with each child by him or herself. Saturday, I took Ella on a couple errands then we went to a nearby park. It was a surprisingly sunny day, so that was nice. Ella enjoyed playing on the swings, a digger and playing a bit of hide and seek. Pics of that day here.

Before that though, while Ben & Ella were in their music class (and after Nicholas had his), I took Nicholas to another park. At the park, we saw little baby ducks. At one point, we couldn't find the babies and Nicholas yelled out "DUCKS! WHERE ARE YOU?!?" It was quite cute. There are also pics of that on flickr.

The next day, I took Benjamin on an errand to Costco, but after shopping, we sat at the food court and had a smoothie. He told me all about what he wanted for his birthday, including a train pinata (very excited to tell me this). We definitely need to get a pinata as Ella didn't get to pull the pinata at a friend's birthday party and she was very upset by this.

In other news, I accidentally drove on our front yard a little bit when coming home yesterday. I told Benjamin what I did and he then told Jon when he came home. He told me when we were leaving to go to the beach last night that I should drive off the grass.

Nicholas will tell us all the time he wants to do things by himself - he says 'by. my. self!" So we let him and about 10 seconds later, he asks for our help. Apparently, this morning he wanted to pick out his own shirt today. My little baby is growing up. I am not looking forward to potty training though. I feel like I am still working on that with Ella, I can't imagine starting on Nicholas yet. I guess I will have to at some point though. Ella tells me that she will not poo in her underwear on June 12 (their 4th birthday). I look forward to that day.

At our church, they have a segment of the service called "time for young disciples". Usually, one of us will walk up with the twins (Nicholas is usually in the nursery still, but not for much longer!) toward the front. Well, on Sunday, I tried something new. I told them they would go up with our friend Leena and I would then meet them at the front. Well, Benjamin FREAKED out as he wasn't quite sure where I was. I guess that experiment failed. Makes me wonder how much my kids will freak out when they start kindergarten with brand new adults and kids. I guess we have another year before that happens - maybe they will be more independent by then.

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  • At 3:17 PM , Blogger seattlegal said...

    Ha! Apparently, potty training is on my mind since I wrote about it in the last post too!

  • At 4:58 PM , Blogger Heather said...

    Potty training is on our mind too! But I don't think the boys are ready yet. They really like to flush the toilets, though. We close the bathroom doors because of that now.

    Love the idea of taking each of them individually places. We'll split the boys up sometimes and take one of them on errands too. Except when I do it with Tommy, he wants to know where Liam is. When I take Liam, he doesn't care that his brother is not around, LOL!


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