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Friday, June 03, 2011

Another overdue update

My heart doesn't seem to be into blogging anymore but I do want to have some record of what my kids are doing at a certain age so I feel I must.

Here are a few recent stories:

Nicholas finally said his own name the other day. It only took him 2 years and 3 months since birth to say it. Of course, he then turned around and yelled "nick" at me when I said Nicholas. However, if you ask him what his name is - he will tell you it is Footee. Silly boy.

He went poo on the potty the other night too - sort of - he had poo coming out and he just happened to finish it off into the potty. That counts, right? He wanted to go potty last night too but it was merely a delaying tactic to keep from having to go to bed. The night prior he stayed up until midnight. I did not want a recreation of that so he cried for about 5 minutes until he fell asleep. that was a hard 5 minutes.

Nicholas LOVES to be naked. You try to clothe him, he throws a fit. Not so fun getting clothes on him these days.

He tells me he is big all the time so he is trying to show it by not using the railing to go down steps just like his big brother and sister. He was doing pretty well until that last step then he stumbled and fell. He's alright - just a bit shocked more than anything.

Ella has been telling me that she will poo on the potty when she is 4 though she did go the other night though she wanted someone in there to comfort her and that someone was me. I'm glad she did go though and she went and sat on the potty all on her own the other day to go poo but nothing happened. It's progress though, right?

Ella has also become a huge fan of finding and picking up worms. She will pick them up and talk to them in a motherly baby voice saying things like "Hi worm! It's o.k. It's not scary." quite cute.

Benjamin seems to have figured out how to play the solitaire game on my iPod. He's a smart little guy. The preschool tells me all the time. However, he doesn't seem to be quite comfortable with affection. Sometimes I feel like I have to force him to let me give him hugs. Though I can tell he kinda likes getting them though maybe he doesn't want to admit it. :-)

The other day we went to a park called Saint Edward State Park in Kenmore,WA. I LOVE that playground - I want to play in the playground too and thankfully, it is big enough for adults to play on. It kinda looks like a little castle.

Well, Ben & Ella are nearly 4. It's shocking how quick the time goes sometimes (though right now, it feels like the day is going by way too slow probably because I'm anxious to end this work day). We are going to have a party for them at a nearby park (same as last year) but this year, we will have a train pinata and a Dora pinata. They are quite excited by this.

Alright, enough for today. Maybe I'll post again in the near future, but we'll see.

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  • At 3:14 AM , Blogger Heather said...

    Sorry to hear you're losing the interest to blog. I've had it go in waves though myself. Don't worry if Benjamin isn't that interested in hugs. I bet he likes them, he's just a boy and doesn't want to show it.


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