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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nicholas is 18 months!

Today, my little snugglebug turns 18 months! Time sure does fly.

He is saying so many words lately that it is beginning to be hard to keep track. Of course, maybe we are the only ones who understand him and even then, I have no idea what is saying most of the time.

Some new words are Ella (pronounced Ewa), mine (a huge favorite), kitty, cat, no (also a big favorite), down, up, uh oh, oh no, yes, there, Oliver (pronounced Ower) and more.

Funny the other day, Benjamin dropped his straw to his drink and Jon says to Nicholas that he is going to have to share his straw with Benjamin and he says "mine!" Good timing, Nicholas!

Then a couple days ago, I was in our room putting away some laundry when I hear Nicholas and Benjamin just cracking up (Ella was with me, I think), so I go out to investigate. They were in the kitchen (with Jon watching from the dining room) taking kitty food out of the bag and throwing it everywhere. They just thought that was hilarious. Nicholas was cute because when he laughed, he would cover up his mouth with his hands. I wish I had thought to take video. After a bit of that, we told them they had to stop. Nicholas was not too thrilled with that idea.

Speaking of kitty food, guess what Nicholas has tried! Yep, kitty food. I yelled at him "icky" and he started to scream. Poor guy, but I really don't want him eating the kitty food!

This little guy loves to play with the big kids and is super excited when they include him. These days, he LOVES to sit at their little table with Ben & Ella. I guess it might be time to get rid of the high chair...

One of my nicknames for Nicholas these days is "Nickzilla" because he destroys things that we put together (like our lag cabin with the Lincoln Logs or someone's sandcastle at the beach). I have a pic of the destruction at the beach on my flickr.
For that and more, go to

I think that is all for now. Happy 18 months, Nicholas!!! (18 month checkup is on 09/01).



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