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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I'm All Better Now...

In the past few days, Ella has not been feeling all too well. Last night, she told me that she feels all better now. The cause of this was that she was refusing to go poo in the potty and thus, created a bit of a back-up. Well, things were taken care of last night. I hope she now realizes that going #2 on the potty is good as is #1. I really, really hope to have her completely trained by the time she turns 3.

Benjamin, well, he has good intentions. He will sit on the potty - he just won't do anything on the potty. He wants to wear underwear but keeps forgetting and well, pees and poos his pants (well, the latter, he knows he's doing it and refuses to sit on the potty).

Benjamin really, really likes puzzles. I got a new set the other day at Target. 5 puzzles for $1.98. There were 2 24 piece ones, 1 50 piece, 1 60 piece and 1 100 piece. Benjamin & Ella have mastered the smaller ones. Benjamin was working on the 50 piece last night and I think could have finished on his own given a bit of time. Ella was happy with the 24 piece ones. I also opened up a set I bought a while ago from Amazon where they have to put the pieces together to form a word along with the picture of that word (such as cat, house, dog, etc.). They keep asking what letter does "window" start with or "door" or whatever. They certainly know what letter their own names start with along with the names of their siblings and their parents.

While Nicholas knows how to walk on his own, he still likes to hold our hands to walk sometimes. He will say "go!" and sometimes "go walk". He gets to walk faster when he has an adult walking around with him. When he walks on his own, he has his hands above him for balancing, I suppose. It's quite cute seeing this little guy walking around. His other words, so far, have included, no, momma, and I've heard a couple times, papa, but not much else. He does understand things a lot more. He knows what a bottle is, a pacifier is, a car, and some other things.

We spent this past Easter Sunday with friends - thank you Ally & Paul for inviting us! I had a good time. The twins were having a good time until things started to break down because they hadn't had a nap at all. It was hard to try to keep them awake until at least 8 so they would wake up at a somewhat normal time. They did enjoy the food and the Easter egg hunt this time around. They understood the egg hunt more this time. Nicholas, at least, took a couple naps during the day, but he was still a bit cranky.

My paternal grandmother passed away this past week. She was 85. It was not unexpected. She had been sick for the past 4 months or so and before that, had some health issues. I will miss seeing her. It's funny because growing up, all I can think is my grandmother talked a lot about all sorts of things.
When I was a teenager, I used to get annoyed about the amount of talking she would do, but as I grew older, I found some of her stories interesting. I do wish I would have asked her more about certain things. I will always remember one time when I was about 16 and we were over at my grandparent's house. We were sitting out by the pool under the shade of a tree. My grandmother says to me that she thinks I should help out with my brothers more (they must have been about 1 and 3 at the time)(my grandparents helped watch my brothers), and somehow that evolved into a big discussion on self-esteem and the trials and tribulations of life as a teenager. She listened to me and we talked. It was nice. I don't remember exactly what was said and how it evolved into that discussion, but it was one of the times I really remember talking to my grandmother in a somewhat deep discussion. She's with my grandpa now - he passed away in 2004. Rest in peace, grandma.

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  • At 9:36 AM , Blogger Heather said...

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Sounds like you had a great Easter, except for the lack of naps. We couldn't get the boys to nap much when we were visiting family for Easter.


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