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Monday, January 25, 2010

11 months

My baby boy is now 11 months old! Some news about him:

He has been saying "ma" or "mama" for a few weeks now. One time, he was saying that and Ella says "no, it's mommy" all of matter of factly. :-D

He also says "ha" for hi. And this morning it sounded like he was trying to say no - he said it like "naaa".

He is still crawling and pulling himself up to stand then cruising around on the furniture. He has let go a couple times, but he has not successfully stood all on his own yet.

The other day, we went to a kids concert. Ben & Ella seemed to enjoy the show, but didn't really participate in the show. The theme was Teddy Bear's Musical Picnic put on by the Tacoma Philharmonic and featuring these ladies. Nicholas had fun being held by myself, Jon and my mother-in-law. Nicholas even managed to make a friend with a little girl about a couple months older than him. They smiled at each other,
then they held hands for a brief period of time. It was adorable!

Also, Nicholas is very sensitive to hearing the word no. He cries if he hears it. He has the cutest pouty face too - like his whole world has crashed in. He doesn't seem to like big noises either as that makes him have the pouty face too and start to really cry.

I'll try to remember to take a picture of Nicholas tonight with my brand new camera and upload it at some point in the future. In the meantime, there are some recent pictures of my little guy on flickr.

Happy 11 months, my sweet little dude!



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