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Thursday, March 04, 2010


We took all 3 kids to the dentist the other day. This was Ben & Ella's 2nd time there and Nicholas's 1st time. Nicholas didn't like it at all - but I think it was more, he wanted to get around and play and didn't like being held down than anything the dentist was doing. He did enjoy getting a duck to chew on afterwards.

Ben & Ella did surprisingly well as they did a lot more this time than they did last time. They cleaned their teeth and flossed them too. We were told to start flossing the kids teeth - that should be fun - as their teeth are all scrunched in together. They both did well with letting us floss their teeth for them. Ella apparently thought it tickled.

Hopefully, they continue to do well. Both Ben & Ella also got to pick a brand new rubber duck to take home with them. This time, they were just plain old ducks (last time, they were a doggy duck and a kitty duck). I raelly wanted Ella to pick the bear duck. :-D

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