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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Some cute stories to share:

A while ago, I started singing a little song alone the tunes of "are you sleeping? Are you sleeping, Brother John?..." with the words of "Where is papa? Where is papa? I don't know. I don't know. I hope he comes home real soon. I hope he comes home real soon. Yes I do. Yes I do." Well, Ben and Ella have since started singing whatever they are looking for with that song and instead of saying "I don't know", they say "Don't I know! Don't I know!" It's rather cute. And if I ask them where something is and they don't know, they will say "Don't I know." I tried to correct them, but they won't change, so I let them go on saying that.

The other night, we went to Cos&tco to get some gas. When I got back into the car after getting the gas, they asked me where the gas was. I told them that I put it in the car, so the car would go. They seemed to accept that explanation. On our way home, Ella asked where the Cos&tco was and I said we just went there to get gas. Then we drove by Safeway, and she excitedly said "oh, I found it! I found it, mommy!" me: "what did you find?" Ella: "the cosco!" Funny.

Nicholas is now walking around with two hand assistance. If you even dare to think about stopping walking around with him because your back is killing you, he will CRY! One night, I thought he just wanted me to walk around with him as he didn't seem to want to go to Jon, but Jon works - he just wants to walk around. It's so AWESOME. I look forward to when he'll just do it on his own. My back will be much happier. While he walks, he also goes "ahh ahh ahh" like we do when we play our little crawling game - the same game we played with Ben & Ella when they were that age.

Nicholas also hates to be put into his car seat. He is doing a bit of arching his back or locking his legs so I can't bend his knees without some effort. That little guy is strong when he wants to be. He is almost a year old. I find myself reminiscing(sp?) about his birth. I have a calendar here at work and this month is a picture of me holding him shortly after his birth. How has it been a year already?

Right now, it is serious potty training time. We put them in their training underwear when we are at home. Last night, Ella FREAKED when she peed her pants, but when I went to go change her into new pants and sit her on the potty, she decided she could live with the wet pants. I don't like that - she's supposed to hate that feeling!

People keep telling me I'm on the early side of things, but I feel as if we are late. I hear of friends whose children are the same age as mine and they are already trained or seem closer than we are. My goal is to have them trained by the time they turn 3 in 4 months. I hope that will happen - I would LOVE to not have to buy diapers anymore or pull-ups (well, except for Nicholas who I hope will train early after seeing his brother and sister trained).

That's all for now. Time to start thinking about work stuff again. Blech.

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